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YouTube Music is a new music video streaming service developed by YouTube, a division of Google. It offers a very user-friendly interface for the music service oriented towards online music video streaming, enabling users to search through various music videos and songs on YouTube according to genres, playlists, and personal preferences. The basic function of this new music video service is to allow users browsing through various channels, from which they can select the song or video to share with their friends and families. The music videos can be viewed directly on YouTube or can be viewed in your normal browser or on an Internet Explorer window. When you are viewing a YouTube music video, you will see a thumbnail view of the video, which displays the video play bar at the top along with the track name and duration.

The latest version of the YouTube app, version 4.2, is designed to be more useful than ever before. With the new version, the user is now able to search for any song or video from any location using keywords. For those users who have installed an ios version of the YouTube app on their iPhones, the iPhone web browser can also access the YouTube streaming service. This would allow the users to view any song or video without having to use their mobile device.

The latest version of the YouTube app for both the iOS and the android devices enables the users to create a custom URL and associate it with any social media site, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. This gives the user the option of sharing any song or video in the form of a video file, which can be viewed instantly on their respective mobile devices. The most recent version of the YouTube app includes a number of exciting new features such as the ability to share your own original videos with your friends and family. You can also upload any photo or picture with the permission of the person in whose name you want to share the image or picture. The final version of the app even allows you to upload your voiceover to any video that you post on YouTube.