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If you are a public or private organisation, working with us will ensure you have access to quality material at a fair price.

Safe and reliable

protective equipment

Our products meet the official standards and undergo exhaustive quality controls throughout the production chain.

Timely delivery

We offer three logistical options:


Delivered Duty Paid

Delivery of the goods to the agreed destination, cleared for import and ready to be unloaded from the aircraft or ship.


Delivered at Place Unloaded

Delivery of the goods at the established point of unloading (port or terminal).


Free Carrier

Delivery to the carrier or person of your choice at the agreed location (Shenzhen or Canton) and loading of the goods onto your means of transport (ready to be unloaded).

Financial security

For your peace of mind, we accept various payment methods:

  1. Letter of credit payments, funds are only released upon provision of the documents and certifications for the masks..
  2. Payment by bank transfer.

Accepted currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD, USD, CNH, DKK, NOK y SEK.

Personalized attention

Customer service and advice

Our professional experts in negotiating with government institutions can facilitate any management procedure, certification or phase of the process for you.

They trust us

Public entities


Health sector institutions and companies


Private companies


Public entities

Health sector institutions and companies

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