FFP2 GoCare Mask Made in Spain - Star Care

FFP2 GoCare Mask Made in Spain

10 Units box

Filtering half mask Non reusable

Classification: FFP2 NR

Executive standard: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009

Size: Adult

Duration: 8 hours

Includes 2 ear savers per box for neck optional adjustment

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Avoid contagion by aerosols

SARS-CoV-2 virus particles are dispersed through aerosols and they can stay between one and two hours in the air. They are also capable of moving up to eight meters when they are expelled by someone contaminated who coughs, speaks or even breathes.

Epidemiologists and numerous studies warn about the danger of these particles.

GoCare FFP2 filter masks are an effective solution for virus prevention, thanks to the efficiency of filtering particulate aerosols.

Our masks prevent inhaling toxic fluids from dust, aerosols and fumes.

5 protective layers

The FFP2 GoCare mask is composed of 5 hydrophobic layers that ensure filtration against particulate aerosols. 

The layered structure is designed so that Non-woven layers protect the inner layers from the humidity of the environment and other external agents as well as the mist generated by the user.

FFP2 Star Care


25 g/m2


50 g/m2

Hot air cotton

≃ 25 g/m2


≃ 25 g/m2


30 g/m2

Smart filtration by electret

FFP2 masks do not work exactly like a strainer but rather like a spider web, as the particles get stuck in the fibers that make up the mask.

We can group the particles in three sizes:

Larger than 0.3 𝝻m

Large particles like droplets of saliva, some bacteria, etc.

Between 0.3 𝝻m and 0.1 𝝻m

We call them aerosols where viruses travel attached.

Smaller than 0.1 𝝻m

Viruses and other nanoparticles.

Larger than 0.3 𝝻m


Particles larger than 0.3 μm, traveling in a straight line, easily collide with one of the fibers and get trapped in it.


Star Care FFP2 exploded view

Larger than 0.3 𝝻m

Particles larger than 0.3 μm, traveling in a straight line, easily collide with one of the fibers and get trapped in it.


Smaller than 0.1 𝝻m

Those smaller than 0.1 μm are so small that when in contact with air they bounce moving in a random zig-zag pattern called Brownian. This movement makes it very likely that the particle collides with a fiber and sticks.


Star Care FFP2 exploded view

Between 0.3 𝝻m and 0.1 𝝻m


Particles of about 0.3 μm (aerosols) are the most difficult to filter as they flow with the air, allowing the layers of the mask to be avoided. Para evitarlo, 2 de las capas de las mascarillas FFP2 de GoCare están electrizadas, convirtiendo las fibras en electretos (el equivalente eléctrico de un imán), siendo capaces de capturar 10 veces más partículas que las fibras normales.


Star Care FFP2 exploded view

Ergonomic shape, perfect fit

Thanks to the ear saver, you can adjust the mask perfectly to the size of your head, reducing air leaks from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

The flat shape of its rubbers and its elasticity make its use extremely comfortable even after a long time.

How to put on the mask

The habit of fitting the mask properly and in the correct order ensures its effectiveness. Follow these steps and get out of doubt.

Step 1

Step 1

Hold the mask with one hand and place it on the face, fully covering the nose and mouth.

Star Care FFP2 mask step 2

Step 2

Pull the straps and place them behind the ears.

Star Care FFP2 mask step 3

Step 3

Adjust the nose clip to the nose and make sure the edges of the mask are in direct contact with the face.

Step 4

Fit testing for leaks. Allows you to check that the mask is fitted correctly. To do this, cover the mask with both hands and exhale with force. If any leaks are detected at the edges, you will need to adjust the position of the mask against the face, readjust the nose clip and/or the tensile position of the elastic straps using the size regulators. Repeat this process until no leaks are detected. Includes 2 ear savers for optional neck adjustment.

Technical sheet

Product name: Filtering half mask

Classification: FFP2 NR

Model: GC-F2-012

Executive standard:EN 149:2001 + A1:2009

Composition: 48% Non-woven, 35% Melt-blown, 17% Cotton, metal nose clip, elastic straps.

Conditions for storage: Indoor storage with less than 80% humidity, free from corrosive gases and well ventilated. Keep it away from heat Keep away from heat sources.

Allergy warning:Non woven textile

Expiration time:Two years if stored under the specified conditions

Design that fits the face perfectly

High breathability

Individual packaging


10 units box

Quantity: 10 units (individual bags)/box
EAN: 8436592291908
Dimension: 170 x 130 x 49,5 mm


Individual bag

Quantity: 1 unit/bag
EAN: 8436592291915
Dimension:180 x 120 mm

Where to buy

GoCare Star care masks are exclusively sold through our trusted channels.

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