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Hydroalcoholic gel


Hydroalcoholic hand sanitiser gel for proper and thorough cleaning of both hands and contact surfaces used every day.

Efficient sanitisation thanks to its optimised formula with 70% v/v alcohol content.


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1: Alcohol Denat (70% v/v)

2: Phenoxyetanol (0,9% p/p)

3: Excipients c.s.p 100%

Technical information

1: 100 ml: PET bottle with flip-top lid for easy dispensing

2: CPNP registration 3297893

3: PAO / Validity period: Not applicable according to the regulation (CE) Nº 1223/2009


100 ml bottle

Quantity:100 ml/unit

Where to buy

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Application and mode of use

EXTERNAL USE. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucus membranes. Sanitiser for hands, utensils and contact surfaces.

For correct usage, it should be applied to clean and dry healthy skin. Massage into the entire area of the hands, including between the fingers and allow to dry naturally. Do not rinse.

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