Surgical mask - Star Care

Surgical mask

Surgical mask Type IIR

Standard: EN 14683-2019 + AC:2019.

Bacterial filtration efficiency: ≥ 98%. Splash resistant

Size: Adult

Duration: 4 hours

Medical use

Minimum order 10 units (100 masks)


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Technical information

Typology: Medical face mask (Type IIR)

Size: 175 x 94 mm

Standard: CE: EN 14683-2019 + AC:2019

Bacterial filtration efficiency: ≥ 98%

Features: Type IIR: maximum surgical quality. Splash resistant.

Structure: mask body, nose clip
and mask belt

Storage conditions: Indoor storage with less than 80% humidity, free from corrosive gases and well ventilated. Keep away from heat sources.

Allergy warning: Non woven textile

Validity period: 24 months


1. Non woven spunbond polypropylene fabric

2.Melt blown layer with 99% BFE

3. Non woven hot rolled polypropylene fabric

Star Care disposable mask


Bag 10 units

Quantity: 10 units/bag
SKU: MASK ST-00032.0010
EAN: 8436592290529
Dimensions: 240 x 135 x 23 mm

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Fitting instructions

Star Care disposable mask step 2

Step 1

With the blue side facing outwards, place it over the nose and mouth, with the nose clip facing upwards. Then place the loops behind the ears.

Star Care disposable mask step 3

Step 2

Gently press on the nose clip in order to adjust it to the nose.

Star Care disposable mask step 1

Step 3

Pull the lower part of the mask so that it is beneath the chin and check that it fits well.

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